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Goosebumps Horror Land (Creep from The Deep)

R. L. Stine

  • Type : General
  • Category: রহস্য, গোয়েন্দা, ভৌতিক, থ্রিলার ও অ্যাডভেঞ্জার ,
  • Sub Category: Language : English ( রগোভৌথ্রিঅ্যা) ,
  • Publisher: Scholastic Audio Books
  • Status: Not Exchangeble
  • Price : 120
  • New Book
  • Availability: Available
  • Edition: international

Billy and Sheena go with their Uncle, Dr. Deep, to search for treasure and are pursued by pirates who have been dead for two hundred years, and when Billy and Sheena return to land and visit Horrorland they encounter their worse fears.

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