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Laboratory Quality, Quality Assurance, Standardization, Accreditation, Quality Management

Pamposh Kumar, V.P.S. Tomar

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  • Publisher: CBS
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  • Price : 2010
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  • Edition: 1st Edition

This book the first of its kind in India is a multipurpose manual for infusing quality in the laboratory services which presents do-it-yourself operational prescriptions a work bench view and also the guidance for the laboratory managers which shall go a long way for the highly desired quality assurance. The volume provides essential information to enable the designing of laboratory procedures and infrastructure establishment of quality systems and technical competence and guidance to meet criteria of conformity assessments by accreditation bodies both national or foreign in accordance with the latest ISO standard 17025:1999. The Manual very lucidly gives the essential requirements of quality standards in setting up laboratories and the all round guidance for meeting the requirements of laboratory accreditation. It is specially suited to serve the laboratory managers technical and systems personnel in the laboratories engineering professionals students rights activists and social workers pressing for quality and accountability in spheres of business and human welfare professionals in commerce trade and media and also the quality practitioners related to laboratory services.

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