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Harry's Cosmeticology

Martin M. Rieger

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  • Edition: 8th

Harry's Cosmeticology, one of the most popular cosmetic technical books of all time, has been updated by Dr. Martin M. Rieger, together with an international team of experts in different areas of the cosmetic science. The 8th Edition of this book, regarded as an essential reference for cosmetic chemists, cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons, is structured to provide a overall understanding of the most current formulation and production processes in the cosmetic industry. The chapters on skin, hair and nails anatomy and physiology provide the foundations for cosmetic formulation approaches and methods analyzed in the chapters on Special Ingredients, Processes, Formulation, Performance and Production. CONTENTS: SECTION I THE PHYSIOLOGICAL SUBSTRATE; Hair, The Nail, The Eye, The Mouth. SECTION II. FORMULATION APPROACHES AND REQUIREMENTS; Principles of Cosmetic Product Development, Regulatory Requirements, Patents. SECTION III. SPECIALIZED INGREDIENTS AND PROCESSES; Surfactants, Emulsions, Viscosity Controlling Agents, Antioxidants, Humectants and Moisturizers, Preservation, Botanical Extracts, Specialty Lipids, Aerosols. SECTION IV. FORMULATION AND PERFORMANCE; Skin Care Products, Specialty Skin Care Products, Sunscreens, Antiperspirants, Antiacne, Face Packs and Masks, Skin Cleansing Products, Shaving Preparations, Facial Make-up, Manicure Preparation, Specialty Nail Products, Shampoos, Hair Setting, Hair Colorants, Permanent Waving, Hair Straightening and Depilatories, Oral Products, Safety and Performance, Stability. SECTION V. PRODUCTION; Manufacturing, Packaging

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