Old book buy policy

By ordering old books from this website we assume you accept these old book buying condition. Do not continue to order old books from booktionary.com.bd if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions of buying old books stated on this page. 


  1. The old book you purchase from us basically used by our other user so there can be page missing or torn or ink spot or other minor issues.so by accepting this issues you have to order old books from us.
  2. We always try to provide best customer support regarding to old books customer as it is our priority to give best product and best service to customer so if there is any issue regarding to old books please let us know about it by mailing at [email protected] or
  3. Before ordering old books from us please read the full description and information associated with the books, do not continue if you are not satisfied with the information provided with the book.
  4. With every old books and exchangeable there will be a sticker affixed  with it with a warning of
  5. Old book cannot be exchanged by calling us at hotline, if you want to enjoy our book exchange facility you have to order it from our website by logging in. Offline called order will not acceptable as exchangeable item. Without logging in we cannot track your order history so you have to sign up and log in to your account to enjoy book exchange facility.

Call hotline: 01777444029 

“This book is exchangeable please do not remove this sticker”. Please do not receive product without checking the sticker affixed.



If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us at hotline: 01777444029 

Or mail us at: [email protected]  or [email protected]